Spatial Planning


First, we will be mapping the process of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework to understand how planning works, who is involved, when and how. Our focus is on how citizens are included as experts in these processes.  We will also be attending and supporting activities that seek to increase citizen engagement in the spatial planning process as it develops in 2018.

Second, we will be exploring whether and, if so how, digital technologies and tools facilitate participation in spatial planning. This will involve the research team reviewing existing evidence on the benefits and limits of digital technologies in bringing citizen expertise into spatial planning processes. It will also involve testing applications to evaluate their impact and outcomes.

Third, we will be working with artists/creative facilitators and citizens to coproduce maps and spatial representations of spatial planning issues in neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester. The scale, scope and approach will be explored through interviews and focus groups with different civil society groups. These will be collaboratively made into an exhibition, which will be jointly organised with participants involved in the map-making. The timing of the exhibition will coincide with the commemorations of the Peterloo Massacre in Spring-Summer 2019.